From Verso Books:

“For fifty years David Harvey has written and lectured on Capital, becoming one of the world’s foremost Marx scholars. In addition, his work on the history and geography of capitalist development has transformed our understanding of neoliberalism and the spread of inequalities across the globe.

In this in-depth interview with Verso, Harvey recalls the formation of his Marxist ideas, intellectual influences, and writing. He also talks about the growth of the populist right and how that is connected to geographical electoral splits, Marx’s Grundrisse (which he has written a companion to), and Marx’s theories more broadly.

In this shorter video, taken from the above, Harvey talks about Marx’s Grundrisse (and why the Covid lockdown meant he finally wrote a companion to Marx’s infamous notebooks):

He is interviewed in both these videos by Sebastian Budgen, Editorial Director, Verso Books.

David Harvey’s Companion to Marx’s Grundrisse, published earlier this year, builds upon his widely acclaimed companions to the first and second volumes of Capital. See all our Essential David Harvey reading here!”