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“Join us virtually for a close reading of Marx’s Grundrisse with Professor David Harvey. 

We’re excited to present another course studying Marxist thought with Professor Harvey. The course will be structured around the soon to be published A Companion To Marx’s Grundrisseand will be available to all, wherever you may be located in the world! 

Written during the winter of 1857-1858, the Grundrisse, also known as Foundations of the Critique of Political Economy (Rough Draft), was considered by Marx to be the first scientific elaboration of communist theory.”

The primary text is David Harvey, A Companion to Marx’s Grundrisse, Verso, 2023. The source text is Karl Marx, The Grundrisse, Viking/Penguin edition. Students are invited to work across both texts and to grapple with the intricacies of Marx’s arguments on the nature of capital.

  1. Karl Marx, Grundrisse: Foundations of the Critique of Political Economy, Penguin Classics edition, translated by Martin Nicolaus, ISBN: 978-0140445756

    (The text of the Grundrisse can also be found for free on the Marxists Internet Archive. While any edition of the Grundrisse could work, the page numbers Professor Harvey refers to are from the Penguin Classics edition, so it will be easier to follow along with this edition.)

  2. David Harvey, A Companion to Marx’s Grundrisse. Verso, 2023.


Class 1 Companion, pages vii-xxi and 1-35; Grundrisse pages 83-111

Class 2 Companion, pages 36-83; Grundrisse pages 115-238

Class 3 Companion, pages 84-123; Grundrisse pages 239-303

Class 4 Companion, pages 124-148; Grundrisse pages 304-70

Book Launch Book Launch for the Companion with Kanish Goonewardena (Toronto) and Nancy Fraser (New School) as commentators.

Class 5 Companion, pages 149-184; Grundrisse pages 373-458

Class 6 Companion, pages 185-232; Grundrisse pages 459-515

Class 7 Companion, pages 233-261; Grundrisse, pages 516-584

Class 8 Companion, pages 262-294; Grundrisse, pages 584-678

Class 9 Companion pages 295-324; Grundrisse, pages 640-701

Class 10 Companion pages 325- 362; Grundrisse, pages 702-741

Class 11 Companion, pages 363 – 404; Grundrisse 742-893

Class 12 Companion, pages 405-434

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