A close reading of the text of Volume I of Marx’s Capital with Professor David Harvey.

This semester-long class meets on Tuesdays from 6:00pm – 8:00pm beginning on February 5th and ending on May 7th. It will be 12 weeks total, and will not meet on February 12 or April 23.

The required text for this course is Capital, Volume 1: A Critique of Political Economy by Karl Marx. The page numbers Professor Harvey refers to are valid for both the Penguin Classics and Vintage Books editions of Capital. Help finding the text.


  • Class 1: Read the various prefaces and postfaces by Marx and Engles as well as the first section of Chapter One (“The Two Factors of the Commodity”), pages 89-131.
  • Class 2: Chapter One
  • Class 3: Chapters Two and Three
  • Class 4: Chapters Four, Five, and Six
  • Class 5: Chapters Seven, Eight, and Nine
  • Class 6: Chapters Ten and Eleven
  • Class 7: Chapters Twelve, Thirteen, and Fourteen
  • Class 8: Chapter 15 (first part)
  • Class 9: Chapter 15 (second part)
  • Class 10: Chapters 23 and 24
  • Class 11: Chapter 25
  • Class 12: Chapters 26-33