The Right to the City and Urban Resistance
Fortaleza, Brazil
November 17th 2014

Description from Boitempo:

David Harvey’s biggest lecture yet! Commenting on the connections underlying the many grassroots resistance experiences drawn from social movements, and the dynamics of capitalism theorized by Marx, David Harvey discusses some of the more pressing issues of our time such as the relationship between capital and politics, urban social movements and democracy.

v2coverThis lecture took place in Fortaleza on November 17th 2014, during a series of talks entitled “The Political Economy Of Urbanization,” marking the publishing of the second volume of his Companion to Marx’s Capital, by Boitempo. This trip took him also to the cities of Brasília, Recife, Fortaleza and São Paulo. The lectures also celebrated the publishing of Boitempo’s new edition of Volume II of Marx’s Capital – the first edition revised and expanded according to the documents of the MEGA2 project. Recently, Boitempo’s edition of Volume I of Capital was awarded the Jabuti Prize for translation – the most important prize in the brazilian publishing world. All of professor Harvey’s lectures were recorded and are being published on Boitempo’s channel on YouTube.

Watch the Portuguese version of this lecture