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Video: The Nature of Capital

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David Harvey’s Rebel Cities: A Guide to the Vexed
by Lucas Van Meer-Mass
The Toronto Review of Books
August 15, 2012

Cities of struggle
by Andre Pusey
Red Pepper
August 2012

Rebel Cities
by Mihaela Buna
August 2012

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Video: The End of Stupidity in the Face of Capitalism

Video: Marx’s Method in Capital – David Harvey & Alex Callinicos at Marxism 2012

Marx’s Method in Capital
David Harvey & Alex Callinicos
Marxism 2012 Conference
London | July 2012

Video: Interview on the Charlie Rose Show (PBS) about ‘Capitalism in Crisis’

David Harvey on Charlie Rose Show PBS
Capitalism in Crisis?
with David Harvey and Richard Wolff
The Charlie Rose Show (PBS)
July 26, 2012

Watch this episode on Hulu. Segment starts around 25:00. US only.

Video: The Urbanisation of Class Struggle – David Harvey at Marxism 2012

The Urbanisation of Class Struggle
Marxism 2012 Conference
London | July 2012

Reading Marx’s Capital Vol 2 – Class 6, Vol 3 Chapters 21-26

Capital, Volume 3
Part Five: The Division of Profit into Interest and Profit of Enterprise. (Interest-Bearing Capital)

Chapter 21: Interest-Bearing Capital
Chapter 22: Division of Profit. Rate of Interest. ‘Natural’ Rate of Interest.
Chapter 23: Interest and Profit of Enterprise
Chapter 24: Interest-Bearing Capital as the Superficial Form of the Capital Relation
Chapter 25: Credit and Fictitious Capital
Chapter 26: Accumulation of Money-Capital, and its Influence on the Rate of Interest.

The page numbers Professor Harvey refers to are valid for the Penguin Classics editions of Capital Volumes 2 and 3.

Listen now:

Class 6 Files: Video MP4 (442.7 MB) M4V (475.5 MB) | Audio MP3 (87 MB)

(To download on a PC right-click on an above file and click ‘Save as’ or ‘Download to’. On a Mac Control-click instead of right-click.)

Problems viewing or downloading files? View on: YouTube, Vimeo, or Archive.org.

Additional formats coming soon.

Handout Class 6

Marxs_Capital-Vol-2 These lectures were the inspiration for the book: A Companion to Marx’s Capital, Volume 2 published by Verso in 2013.

© 2012 David Harvey

Creative Commons LicenseReading Marx’s Capital Volume II with David Harvey is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License.

Video: The Crisis of Capitalism & Urban Struggle – David Harvey in Ankara June 2012

Crises of Capitalism and Urban Struggle

Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara
Organised by MATPUM, Built Environment Research Centre of METU.
Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Video: Cities as Sites of Resistance and Hope – David Harvey in Athens, June 20 2012

Lecture in the Athens Polytechnic School: ‘cities as sites of resistance and hope’

Photos and audio from the event available here.

Video: Interview with Tarlabasi Istanbul

From Tarlabasi Istanbul [web | Facebook | Twitter]: “In an interview with acclaimed theorist and activist David Harvey, he talked to us about the impact of urban renewal and gentrification, the increasing class segregation of cities, and the question of how to fight back.” View original post here.

Video: Guardian Interview – ‘The Occupy movement is saying we have to create an alternative city’

‘The Occupy movement is saying we have to create an alternative city’
Interview with Oliver Laughland and Phil Maynard
The Guardian
June 4, 2012

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