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Now Available in Paperback: Rebel Cities: From the Right to the City to the Urban Revolution

David Harvey Rebel Cities

From Verso Books: “Rousing manifesto on the city and the commons from the acclaimed theorist.

Long before Occupy, cities were the subject of much utopian thinking. They are the centers of capital accumulation as well as of revolutionary politics, where deeper currents of social and political change rise to the surface. Do the financiers and developers control access to urban resources or do the people? Who dictates the quality and organization of daily life?

Rebel Cities places the city at the heart of both capital and class struggles, looking at locations ranging from Johannesburg to Mumbai, from New York City to São Paulo. Drawing on the Paris Commune as well as Occupy Wall Street and the London Riots, Harvey asks how cities might be reorganized in more socially just and ecologically sane ways—and how they can become the focus for anti-capitalist resistance.

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Video: How We Can Win: Marian Kramer and David Harvey

How We Can Win: Marian Kramer and David Harvey
March 19th, 2013
The Brecht Forum
New York City

David Harvey interviews Marian Kramer, legendary activist who has been on the front lines of the welfare rights and civil rights movement for over forty years. Founder and co-chair of the National Welfare Rights Union (NWRU) and founding member of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers, she has been a leading organizer in struggles for workers, welfare recipients, low-income mothers, tenants, homeless people, and most recently, for Highland Park residents who have lost their water rights in Detroit.

Video: Rebel Cities to Urban Revolution

Presentation at Dangerous Ideas for Dangerous Times Festival
1 June 2013

Video: Remarks at Dangerous Ideas for Dangerous Times Rally

Remarks at Dangerous Ideas for Dangerous Times Festival
30 May 2013

Reading Marx’s Capital Vol 2 – Class 11, Vol 2 Chapters 20-21

Capital, Volume 2

Part Three: The Reproduction and Circulation of the Total Social Capital (Reproduction Schema)

Chapter 20: Simple Reproduction
Chapter 21: Accumulation and Reproduction on an Expanded Scale

The page numbers Professor Harvey refers to are valid for the Penguin Classics editions of Capital Volumes 2 and 3.

Listen now:

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Handout Class 11.

Marxs_Capital-Vol-2 These lectures were the inspiration for the book: A Companion to Marx’s Capital, Volume 2 published by Verso in 2013.

© 2013 David Harvey

Creative Commons LicenseReading Marx’s Capital Volume II with David Harvey is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License.

In Solidarity With Istanbul

In Solidarity With Istanbul

Taksim Solidarity Press Release Website | Blog

We have united in the streets; our struggle in the streets will prevail!

We will not let anyone touch our Gezi Park! We will not let anyone exploit our labor, our habitat or nature!

Our struggle, which sparkled five days ago at Taksim Istanbul Gezi Park, has spread out to streets, neighborhoods, town squares in Turkey and abroad, demonstrating the collective will of millions of people. The public has made a decision! We will not let anyone demolish the Gezi Park! From now on Gezi Park represents other atrocities and state terror like Taksim, Reyhanli, Roboski, and May 1st. From now on Gezi Park stands for labor, nature and freedom. The Park is an expression of a collective will to live in a democratic country despite state’s oppression and despite all fascist attacks to restrict freedom. From now on, everyone should know that this Park, the Taksim Square and all the public squares of this city, this country and this world are entrusted to labor, to laborers and to the people. We will not let AKP (Justice and Development Party) or the capitalists get their hands on these public spaces.

For those who have been expanding the struggle and resisting in every street during the last five days in the face of all kinds of oppression, violence, misinformation, manipulation and media censorship, we salute you! For those who are liberating public squares, we salute you! For those who are overcoming the obstacles, crossing the bridges, we salute you! And for those who are opening the doors of their houses and their schools to the resisters, we salute you all!

We declare once again: We are claiming Taksim in the name of our struggle and solidarity.

Our struggle over the last five days showed everyone that the attempt to create a culture of fear is futile. We stand fearless against the brute force, violence, imprisonments and anti-democratic attacks by the government. As we have uttered repeatedly in the squares: this is only the beginning; our struggle will continue!

Our current demands are as follows:

* Gezi Park will remain as a Park. We will not allow the destruction of the Park for the construction of a Topçu K??las? in Taksim! Nor will we let the government plunder nature or our habitat!

* The following parties should take responsibility and resign immediately: authorities who have prevented the people from exercising their democratic rights initially during the protests at the Gezi Park and in the following days throughout the demonstrations across the country; those who ordered the use of violence to oppress people; those who executed those orders, and those who have caused injuries to hundreds of people! The Mayor of Istanbul and the General Director of Turkish National Police should take primary responsibility and be the first to resign!

* Use of tear gas must be prohibited!

* Our friends under custody all over the country for participating in our struggle should be released immediately and no further investigations shall be pursued!

* All bans on demonstrations and meeting in all public spaces, Taksim square in particular, must be lifted.

This is the voice of the streets, the resistance and the people! We expect the government meet these demands without any reservation. We have united in the streets; we have realized the strength of solidarity; you have witnessed our power. We know that our struggle in the streets will prevail!

Taksim Solidarity!

Video: Lecture on ‘A Companion to Marx’s Capital, Volume 1’ in Porto Alegre

From Boitempo Editorial: “David Harvey visited Brazil for an international seminar on Marx. This is the lecture he gave in Porto Alegre on March 15, 2013 on the publication of the Brazilian edition of his “A Companion to Marx’s Capital, Volume 1″, by Boitempo. With activities extending through three months and six Brazilian cities, the seminar featured Slavoj Žižek, Michael Heinrich and some of the most renowned specialists from Brazil and abroad to discuss the relevance of Marxism in times of global crisis.”

More on the International Seminar “Marx: the creative destruction

A Companion to Marx's Capital, Volume 2Other links:

Upcoming Speaking Events in London and Galway

Transformative Geographies: Critical Reflections on Environment, Sustainability and Governmentality
45th Conference of Irish Geographers
16th-18th May 2013
National University of Ireland, Galway

Dangerous Ideas for Dangerous Times – An International Festival
31 May – 1 June
in the parks, public spaces and halls around King’s Cross, London

Video: Cindi Katz & David Harvey: “Global Restructuring: Urban Inequalities, Everyday Life & the Right to the City”

Cindi Katz & David Harvey – “Global Restructuring: Urban Inequalities, Everyday Life & the Right to the City

A class session from Inq13: Reassessing Inequality and Reimagining the 21st-Century: East Harlem Focus – a participatory open online course offered by the Graduate Center of the City University of New York and JustPublics@365.

Social Justice and the City: 40th Anniversary Celebration

Social Justice & The CityThe Graduate Program in Design and Urban Ecologies at Parsons The New School for Design and The Center for Place Culture and Politics announces the 40 Year Anniversary Symposium of David Harvey’s Social Justice and The City (1973 – 2013), Saturday, May 4 from 10a – 6p at The New School, 66 West 12th Street, 404.

In April 1970, an essay titled “Social Processes and Spatial Form: An Analysis of the Conceptual Problems of Urban Planning,” was published in volume 25 of the journal Papers of the Regional Science Association. For this first time, this essay constructed an unexplored critique of urban disciplines vis-á-vis capitalism. The result created a dialectical theoretical framework, and forever changed the way many urban practitioners viewed their disciplinary tools and formal training. Ultimately, this heralded an ongoing formation of radically new and unseen forms of urban practice. In 1973, this essay became the first chapter of Social Justice and the City. David Harvey’s seminal second book split the way our cities are read, and created entirely new research paths for his contemporaries and younger practitioners.

Forty years after its publication, Social Justice and the City is as relevant as when it was first conceived. As the processes of urbanization fall faster than ever at the control of the elites, an unprecedented wave of enforced spatial segregation radically alters our urban realities. Today, Social Justice and the City provokes views and directions that remain at the core of any imaginary for resistance, and an action towards the belief that socially just forms of urbanization are possible.

The 40 year commemoration of Social Justice and the City will pay tribute to the lasting work and influence of David Harvey. The day will be introduced by Harvey, who will share his views on the book and its 40 year trajectory. Harvey will then be joined by a diverse array of urban practitioners, from artists to academics and designers, whose practice has been transformed by Social Justice and the City.

Participants Include: David Harvey, Sharon Zukin, Don Mitchell, Andy Merrifield, Margit Mayer, Peter Marcuse, Ayreen Anastas, Martha Rosler, Miguel Robels-Durán, Rene Gabri, William Moorish, Andrew Ross, Jeanne van Heeswijk, William Tabb, John Krinsky, Teddy Cruz, Erik Swyngedouw, Nik Heynen, Neil Brenner, Melissa Wright, Tom Angotti, Linda McDowell, Miriam Greenberg, Richard Walker and others.

RSVP & Information:

Media Contact

Chris Chafin, The New School, 79 FIFTH AVENUE, 17TH FLOOR, NEW YORK, NY 10003. 212.229.5667 x3794,

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