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Reading Marx’s Capital

The ABC of Contemporary Capital | Session 12

As a part of this course, I’m sharing rough drafts of pieces of a manuscript I am working on, a sort of textbook on Marx’s political economy.

I’m experimenting with crowd sourcing the revision process. I invite you to read and offer your thoughts using the free social annotation program, Hypothesis.

There are two texts for this week:

To get started with Hypothesis, click the above link and then click “Sign Up” in the right hand sidebar to create a free Hypothesis account. Once you are logged into Hypothesis you are free to make comments on the text.

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Podcast: David Harvey’s Anti-Capitalist Chronicles


David Harvey’s Anti-Capitalist Chronicles is a bimonthly podcast that looks at capitalism through a Marxist lens.

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David Harvey’s Anti-Capitalist Chronicles is a Democracy at Work (d@w) production.

This podcast is made possible by donations to Democracy at Work and/or to Patreon. We are very grateful for your support of David Harvey’s Anti-Capitalist Chronicles even through this difficult and turbulent time. Your contributions helps us compensate the staff and workers it takes to put an episode together. Thank you for being a part of the ACC team.

Release Schedule: Season 4 began in February 2021. ACC is released every other Thursday, both as a podcast, and on Democracy at Work’s YouTube channel. Supporters of ACC on Patreon get access to the new episode and the RSS feed a day in advance. Join Patreon today.

Listen now:

Video: The Rate and Mass of Growth

[event starts at 2:00]

In this lecture, David Harvey offers a close reading of Volume III of Karl Marx’s Capital  to distinguish the rate of growth versus the mass of growth. Most economists, policy makers, politicians, and the financial press are very concerned about the rate of growth. The rate of growth is in turn critical to the formulation of policy.  Yet the mass of growth is actually more significant, and deserves careful analysis.  This lecture will devote special attention to the mass of growth. It will ask: What  is the mass of growth? Who controls the mass of wealth?  What are we going to do with the mass that is produced?

Thursday, October 3, 2019
The People’s Forum
New York City

Audio: David Harvey on Capital. Interview with The Dig Podcast.

The Dig Podcast
With Daniel Denvir from Jacobin magazine
June 20, 2018

David Harvey has taught Capital to huge numbers of people everywhere. Dan interviews him about his latest book, Marx, Capital and the Madness of Economic Reason. Harvey explains why he thinks all three volumes are of Capital are key, why we’re still living under neoliberalism at least unless and until ethnonationalist autarchy pushes it aside, how capitalism might survive climate change via mass immiseration, and linking struggles over production and consumption in the fight to transform society toward socialism. And more.

The Dig is a podcast from Jacobin magazine that discusses politics, criminal justice, immigration and class conflict with smart people. Support them on Patreon.

Transcript of this interview in Jacobin.

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